Patagon Logistics- International Logistics


Our Misson

Work in the field of international transport and logistics in a complete, dynamic and differentiated way with quality, service and information quickness, respecting the environment and seeking the satisfaction of our customer.

Our Vison

Positioning the company among the top service providers in our niche market, building partnerships with customers and suppliers in the main international and domestic markets, seeking excellence in services, continuous improvement and recognition of our customers and employees.

Our Values

   ✹ Professional staff qualification;

   ✹ Focus on quality, differentiated service;

   ✹ Credibility and reliability;

   ✹ Security;

   ✹ Transparency in communication;

   ✹ Sustainability

44, República do Perú Street. - Room. 22 - ZIP CODE 11030-290 - Santos City - São Paulo State

São Paulo office phones

+55 11 2371-7259 / +55 11 7859-5668

Santos office phones

+55 13 3324-9269 / +55 13 9610-3949